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Gaschette talks SHIT with Alaska Thunderfuck…

The one the only Alaska Thunder Fuck. It’s been a year since Alaska braced us with her comedy and wit on her tour of South Africa. 

Gaschette’s Francois Ferreira shot an exclusive editorial with Alaska Thunderfuck and sat down with her for a chat.

Alaska is like a good trip “party” – what’s more rock and roll than a messy break-up, PayPal scams and the boyfriend leaking info? You can’t enter a bar, or more realistically a chat room, without the iconic hiiiiiiiiii.

What more can you expect from an Alien? But being god damn iconic.

Being the first Alien to win Ru Pauls drag race did you call home to your planet?

“I tried.  I assembled a fork, a bunch of string, a walkie-talkie, and a children’s speaking toy in an attempt to create a satellite that would call my home planet.  Ultimately it didn’t work but as a result, I was able to get the adult movie channel on cable for a short time thereafter.

When did you start dragging? Do people drag on your home planet?

Drag is everywhere and I have always done it.  Unlike most people, I was born in drag and spent the rest of my life naked.

What advice will you give to people wanting to drag but not sure where to start?

Paint your face like Miss Fame, dress like Violet Chachki, and be as funny and hard-working as Bob the Drag Queen and you’ll be on the right track.


Your Alien sisters’ have also come to earth (Nebraska & Nevada Thunderfuck). Have they auditioned for Drag Race?

I hope that Nebraska auditions for Drag Race.  She made a splash on Vegas Revue, and I think she’d be great for the show– she is gorgeous, 7 feet tall, and loves drama.

Are your sisters named based after the places that they land?

Each one of my Alaska spawns is named for a unique reason– but it’s usually because the name sounds pretty.

Drag Race has exploded, with countries around the world taking on the franchise. How do you feel about the Ruplacemets ?

I say the more the merrier.  I love watching Drag Race in any language and in any country.  I am glad to see the sisterhood expanding and taking over the world.

Would you ever start a girl group and if so, with who?

I’ve been in a few.  I was in the AAA Girls with Willam and Courtney Act, and right before the pandemic began, I was in a small singer-songwriter trio called The Tricksie Chix
Alaska Thunder Fuck

Which queen would you kai kai with?

Sasha Belle.  But only if we went out on a date and liked one another and had a mutual respect and understanding and a similar sense of humor.

If you were in charge of Pride, how would you do it within isolation?

If we all stay in our cars we can have quite a parade.  I would rent a convertible and wear a full face mask.  With wings, I think.

What’s one thing your fans don’t know about you?

I’m not telling.

What is a make-up/transformation trick you can share?

Always wear mascara.  It seems like a step you can skip – but don’t do it.
Photography by Aart Verrips
Styling by Francois Ferreira
Styling Assistant Carel Crombrinck 
Hair by Lyn Kennedy

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