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Gaschette talk to Arthur Magadze

Arthur Magadze has had us fascinated for a while with his powerful images on Instagram. The 23 year old dedicates his time and collaborates with youngsters from Soweto to create content that has a truly South African feel.

Social media is a love and hate game but when you see people taking the time to create beautiful work it’s all worth it. Social media has the power to bring creative voices that have not reached us now at a slide of a finger.

Why Soweto Hippie as a handle?

I was born and raised in Soweto. The name Soweto Hippie comes from my place of birth which is Soweto, then the Hippie comes from the initiative hippy lifestyle.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Soweto inspires me it’s a big township. It’s big enough to explore and get inspiration as a creative, entrepreneur or anybody else. Also it has interesting historical stories that we live by today and it feels like home to me.

What creative fields do you explore?

I’m a freelance artist, I’m a dancer, stylist, content creator, and all around storyteller

What is the message you are trying to portray in your work?

The message I’m portraying in my work is the expression of who I am I create to defy limitations I transcend infinite possibilities. I create to inspire others and better the community around me.

Do you think the possibilities and growth would have been the same without the use of the internet. Words of encouragement to young people starting out?

I honestly think they wouldn’t be the same because the use of the internet helped us grow and made it possible enough for us to share our work and get opportunities.  If you are a start out and creatively believe in yourself, always be yourself, don’t be scared to ask the people you look up to about their work and how they can help you grow your craft, and make sure you do what you love

Are your sisters named based after the places that they land?

My favorite style inspiration is Amy Zaama

Who would you say are people on the rise from Soweto?

Artists to look out from Soweto: Geezy Abolova, Mbulelo Faluti and Simphiwe Johanness

Tell us one thing that no one knows?

I can’t live without creating 

What is behind the power of collaboration?

 The power of collaborating is to grow and get inspiration to keep on doing what you love. It allows you to work around others that push and inspire you. The desire to collaborate is the desire to grow.

 Where are you hoping the hustle leads to?

I hope the hustle leads me to become a biggest inspiration from SA. To tell stories that make others see South Africa for everything it is and can be.

You have an amazing use of color how do you pair colors?

Thank you very much I pair my colours relative to how I feel colour defines how I feel,  it allows me to express my creativity.

Do you belive that there is a transformation in terms of culture and self-expression in Soweto?

The culture is growing and the community is starting to accept and engage more to self-expression. I feel like there is room for breaking the norms and creating your own new norm in society.  We are allowed to live and express ourselves freely, it can be  any lifestyle choices everyone has the right to explore self-belief



Art Direction and Styling Soweto Hippie
Photography by Mdeni Kasono, Maleka Theto, Lebohang Majozi Simphiwe Johaness

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