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Based on the permeation of more expressive, and therefore perceptive, levels and conceived to be launched during Paris Fashion Week (January 25th – 28th 2021), “The Archive Reloaded” – Sylvio Giardina’s new project – originates from the designer’s mind and work devised in the contemplative silence of his atelier during the enforced isolation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In order to protect his “creative wellbeing” and in general by thinking about the future of fashion, Giardina has given shape and substance to his own idea of resilience, particularly reflecting on which meaning Haute Couture could and should have nowadays, but especially tomorrow, in terms of renaissance and sustainability. The heart of the new project has therefore, and not by chance, been an act of creative “reloading” featuring 7 main couture dresses selected by Sylvio Giardina from his collection archive.

By choosing those creations which could better suit an experiment of a new interpretation and reconfiguration, the 7 selected dresses have been radically altered: disassembled and reassembled in unique guises by the hand of their creator, today they blossom to new life, unveiling new attitudes, new stories and a renewed,always credible, wearability.

The new collection, divided in 7 “chapters”, plays on the disruption and radical transformation of previously codified balances and proportions, aiming at enhancing the regenerative power of a skillful artistic and sartorial craftwork and, at the same, the value of longevity, distinctive trait of a tailor-made dress. Between resistance and resilience, the pandemic has forced us to rethink the concept of reality, the network of relations, the sense of time and, in terms of creativity, particularly in the fashion field, this change of direction has urged designers to convey, through their work, ever more targeted messages and to allow imagination an even broader space.

In this regard, Sylvio Giardina has further amplified the field of his own imaginary universe by investigating a project that could bring users into the multi-faceted and kaleidoscopic dimension of the dream, in which visual and sound stimuli converge to narrate the 7 new creations through 7 original stories, focused on the reassuring perspective of the ever possible “reinvention” of vision and tradition.

The project avails itself of the collaboration of young Roman talents active in the fields of photography, video and musical composition, involved in the production of the book and the short movie devoted to the new collection: the photos in the book have been analogically shot by Flavia Daniele, while Tommaso Paoles curated the video, whose soundtrack was expressly made by Filippo Temperini, “TENP”.

The book of the collection also features three original illustrations by Sylvio Giardina and some works from “edited self”, the designer’s own Instagram project, conceived as a visual appendix of his research. Through a series of “veiled” selfies, this project aims at exploring the variegated background of Giardina’s own inspirations and at expressing the facets of his own artistic and cultural identity.

Text by Emanuela Nobile Mino


Art Director
Tania Alineri

Flavia Daniele

Valeria Marchetti

Dina Oliinyk

Hair Stylist
Massimo Serini

Beatrice Contino

Fashion Assistant
Carlotta Di Girolamo

Video Artist
Tommaso Paoles

Tania Alineri

Filippo Temperini

Sylvio Giardina

Sylvio Giardina
From the Personal Project

Press Office
Raffaele Granato

Thanks to
Pikkio Gioielli
Duecci Guanti
Emanuela Nobile Mino
Roberta Denti
Sandrine Rue

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