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Beauty Editorial
Beauty Editorial


Photography by Robyn Walker 
Hair & Makeup by Nicole Grant 
Styling by Yasmin Schrueder
Featuring Qiniso Van Damme at My Friend Ned agency

Nicole Grant explains the inspiration for Mangekyo.

“The story behind “Mangekyō”, meaning kaleidoscope in Japanese, is that Japanese street fashion is all about colour, texture and mixing subcultures together.

Harajuku style is a fascinating mix that can really express a person’s personality. There can be mixes of sweet lolita, gothic lolita, visual kei, cosplay, decora, gyaru, cutesy fairy kei and punk rock clothing. Traditional Japanese garments like kimonos and wooden sandals have been infused into the style since the beginning.

I wanted to bring in the bravery of their make-up choices and hair accessories that don’t conform to societal norms. Not only did I add colourful hairpieces woven into the model’s natural hair but accessories that wouldn’t usually be worn there – Nail polishes, keyrings, toys, magnets, and pens as hair accessories because why not?”

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