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Schalk Myburgh rounds up some friends and they tell their LGBTQ+ stories

Inspired by everyone’s unique coming out story in the LGBTQ+ community, we wanted to showcase the different stereotypes that society puts queer people in and they put on themselves. Giving them a chance to say fuck it, and be the true diva that they are. We collected their stories, made them feel pretty and drank champagne. Because we’re not gay as in happy, but queer as in fuck you.

Schalk Myburgh | 34 | Gay | @wolfskein

“I really wish people would come up with more inventive slurs, call me something I haven’t heard before” – on gay slurs.

Colin O’Mara Davis | 36 | Gay | @colinomaradavis

“she asked me what the matter was, and I said I was gay, she was like – Oh thank god, I thought something was wrong” – on coming out.

Nicole Louw | 32 | Transgender Woman | @nicole_louw_

“I came out as trans 8 years ago. It took me losing all my friends. My house. My partner. And most of my family to finally rebuild as the woman I am today. I am proud to be me. I am proud of how far I have come, but I still get sad at times to think about the cost of it all.” – on coming out.

Sophia Lee | 35 | Lesbian | @sophiatheasian85

“No need to label, especially if a person has both feminine and masculine traits” – on being labelled

Eitan Eptein & Domenico Pulella | 26 & 31 | Gay | @dom_stitch

“I jerked off my stepbrother, my mom found out, and that was that” – Dom on coming out.

“The community has been accepting in terms of sexuality, but that’s about where the support ends.” – Eitan on support from the lgbtq+ community

Kyle H Holland | 30 something | Homo | @kyleholland

“I’d like to be a bear. However, I’m a princess/otter/pansy” – on gay labels

Katharina Araujo | 24 | @the_happy_warrior

“I’ve always liked girls, but I honestly connect with anyone whoever treats me well” – on her sexuality.

Ennrich Blaauw | 24 | Gay | @ennrich.blaauw

“I have learned to create my own queer community where love is always present” – on being accepted

Adele Horn | 38 | Asexual Biromantic |@the_small_stabby_one

“The community calls aces out as just being straight. Or that we are broken. So events like Pride is not really welcoming for us” – on being accepted by the LGBTQ+ community

Lady Aphroditea | 20 | Gay | Drag Artist | @lady.aphroditea

“I was living with the perception that being queer was wrong” – on coming out.

Miss Ally Opp | 9 (drag years) | Queen | @ally_ooop_

“Its so sad when love is lost because you don’t understand them.” – on coming out.

Kelly Jean Gilbert | 34 | Fierce Ally | @keljeans

“I take bigotry personally. The LGBTQ+ community has always been a family to me and I will protect it as my own family. I will always fight for people’s right to exist as they wish without fear or persecution.”

Photography by Stevel Marc
Styling by Schalk Myburgh
Hair & Makeup Kelly Jean Gilbert and Rachael Darne, both at LMDA
Styling Assistants Lebohang Lebs Lubisi & Shante Gainsford
Hair & Make-up Assistant Kerisha Pillay at LMDA

Special thanks to The Source & T-Shirts for Change

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